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WIVHOGS is pleased to announce we are coming out of hibernation – a few months before our spiky friends!We are gearing up for the Spring and the re-emergence of Wivenhoe’s hedgehogs, and are excited to get our 2019 projects up and running!
Firstly, there will be the first WIVHOGS meeting of 2019 in March – venue and date to be confirmed.This will be an opportunity to reconnect with other members of WIVHOGS and hopefully encourage some new faces to join and get involved.We had some very successful meetings and discussions last year, and it is exciting to be able to work together for the whole cycle of hedgehog activity in 2019 – from the re-emergence in the Spring through to hibernation in the Autumn.
Secondly, we will be working on the garden connectivity project across March and April and beyond, aiming to connect as many gardens in Wivenhoe as possible to encourage safe habitat and travel for hedgehogs across the whole town.The plan is to contact as man…

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